Sutton Hoo Chicken Breast Fillets - Skin On


Reared in Suffolk ~ Genuinely Free-Range ~ Versatile 

Our Sutton Hoo chicken breast fillets, are from our truly free-range chickens, reared on open meadows, for up to 25% longer than a standard supermarket free-range chicken, with access to the rich variety of grasses and wild flowers that the meadows provide.

The breast fillets are boneless, but with the skin still on, so simply seasoned and roasted makes a lovely easy roast with crispy skin,

Perfect for a mini roast for the children, or you could remove the skin and try in an authentic chicken curry, or stir fry.

The breast fillets do tend to vary in size as they are genuine free-range birds, so quite hard to control growth rates.

Each breast would weigh roughly 220g-350g.


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