Grass fed ~ dry aged ~ 'Pasture for Life'

Our Chateaubriand is a versatile if slightly luxurious joint for a roast that would easily feed two to four dependng which size you choose.

Cut from the wider head end of the whole fillet, this cut is often used as a steak to share, or as an individual beef en croute,

It is especially tender and full of flavour.

Our Chateaubriand is cut and prepared by the boys in the shop.
All our Traditional Breed beef is sourced from small local mixed farms, that care deeply, not only for their animals welfare, but also the impact on the surrounding countryside.

This is important to us here, and ensures our customers only receive truly good meat!

Our Fillet is from cattle reared slowly on lush East Suffolk Pasture, we then dry age the fillet for a minimum of 4-5 weeks, trim ready for the pan or oven.

700 - 800G and will easily feed 3-4
500 - 600G perfect for two.

    How we like to cook our Chateaubriand steak.

    It helps to have the Cahteaubriand steak at room temperature and as dry as possibe before you start to cook.

    1 Pre heat a griddle pan  hot hot hot.

    2 Season the Chateaubriand with some Maldon Sea Salt flakes, a little pepper too if you like. Rub in some oil that doesn't mind getting too hot.

    3 Place your Chateaubriand into the hot hot hot dry pan. Leave to seal and caramelise in the pan moving around to ensure that all sides are sealed, I sometimes add a bit of salted butter to the pan and then baste the steak while cooking.

    4 Once all nicely sealed place in a pre heated oven for 5-10 minutes, giving it a little baste during this time.

    5 Baste one more time and rest your Chateaubriand, I normally put mine on a wooden board with a piece of greaseproof and a tea towel, for roughly 10 minutes.