Sirloin Steak Grass Fed


Traditional breed ~ Dry aged ~ Grass Fed

Our beef sirloin steak is grass fed, reared on lush Suffolk pasture, we dry age the sirloins for a minimum of 4-5 weeks. We then bone them out as whole sirloins and cut sirloin steaks from them, to order.

Your sirloin steak will arrive fresh, ready to use.

How we cook our sirloin.

1 Take your Sirloin steak out of fridge, to allow it to reach room temperature, make sure the cut is nice and dry and at room temperature.

2 Drizzle a little oil, (I use ‘Hill Farm rapeseed oil’ it has a light flavour and doesn’t mind getting too hot) over the steak, season with some crunchy sea salt and a little cracked black pepper, I sometimes rub a peeled garlic clove over as well.

3 Heat a griddle pan, without any oil in it. Get the pan relatively hot but not smoking

4 Using some tongs add the steaks to the pan standing on the fat, let the fat cook for a good 5-8 minutes, make sure the fat is nice and crispy.

5 Turn up the heat, and when it is smoking hot, lay down your steaks, sear them and then reduce heat a little. Try not to move them too much, 2-3 minutes each side should do it.

6 The important bit, rest your steaks, I use a wooden board, some greaseproof paper and a tea towel over that.


    220g approx. 8oz.
    280g approx. 10oz.