Old Cow update - 12 year-old Lincoln Red now available

Old Cow BeefYou may have read our previous blog about old cow, after the increasing interest in older beef (and cow) from Galicia and the Basque country inspired me to try raising and butchering my own, local, ‘old cow’.

Normally beef cattle are slaughtered in this country at 15-28 months but last year I experimented by buying in a five year-old cow from local farmer, Natasha Mann’s herd. After a long hang, it was absolutely delicious:  rich, deeply flavoured and speckled with creamy fat. 

So this year I have brought in a 12 year old Lincoln Red cow reared Natasha on estuary pasture in Iken, Suffolk. After hanging in the shop’s cold store for over six weeks, I think it is ready to be eaten - the colour is fantastic: dark and intense; and the yellow fat runs lightly but consistently right through the meat, due to a rich and long diet of good grass.

‘It’s really exciting to be able to produce our own, local ‘old cow’ from a pasture-fed, traditional-breed herd, rather than import it from Spain. I’m hoping that beef aficionados will find this as exciting as I do so that we can start to produce more of this amazing meat.’

Please call us on 01728 452758 to place your orders or email us for more info. Suggestions include:

  • Ribeye on the bone
  • Chuck steak for braising
  • Shin for stewing
  • Big rump steaks to share…
March 16, 2016 by Gerard King
Tags: beef
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