Old Cow - Cowboy Steak


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To share ~ Marbling ~ Flavour

This is an eight year-old Lincoln Red, which has been grazing for its whole life with the Yarn Hill Herd on the meadows and marshes at Iken, next to the River Alde. 

We have dry aged the carcass for eight weeks and it’s now just about perfect.

This steak is taken from the forerib, We cut each rib individually, then remove the outer layer of fat and cap muscle leaving just the rib eye, we then french trim the bone, giving you something to hold onto when turning the steak on the grill. Although some people use the bone to just pick up and chew!

There is wonderful marbling to help enhance the flavour and texture. Each steak should be enough for 2-3 people.

** This product is only available for delivery on Thursday 11 or Friday 12 March. Alternatively you can collect from either the Aldeburgh or Peasenhall shop from Wednesday 10 to Friday 12 March. Please ensure you select the correct date when you checkout.**