Old Cow - Beef Shin


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Long ~ Low ~ Slow

This Lincoln Red 'Old Cow' has grazed for its whole life with the Yarn Hill Herd on the meadows and marshes at Iken, next to the River Alde. The Yarn Hill Herd is certified under the National 'Pasture for Life' accreditation scheme. 

We have been hanging the carcass for eight weeks and it’s now just about perfect.

Real stewing steak. Shin contains connective tissue that when cooked down, produces a delicious gelatinous texture that creates wonderful gravy and cosistency to your stew. Shin needs a mininum 4 hours in the pot/oven. We slice into thick slices so they stay in good size pieces through cooking. 2-300g per person. Amazingly rich and delicious.

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