Aldeburgh Course Pork Sausage Meat


80% Meat ~ Lovingly handmade on site ~ Our own recipe
    A very simple sausage meat, all mixed at our Aldeburgh shop, using a traditional method and a recipe that goes way back.....

    Our Aldeburgh sausage meat (this was the first sausage recipe we made when we opened in Aldeburgh) has a wonderful course meaty texture, with a simple but enduring flavour with hints of nutmeg, dried ground ginger, a touch of toasted ground coriander seeds and a tiny bit of pepper.

    Our sausagemeat is perfect for a homemade sausage roll.

    1 Unroll your shop bought all butter Puff Pastry roll.
    2 Pinch out our sausagemeat along the leading edge, as much or as little as you like.
    3 Roll the pastrry over the sausage meat and seal with a little egg wash.
    4 Cut to size long, short, up to you.
    5 Egg wash and place in a pre heated oven for 30 mins at 200 c 
    If you have cut small ones for finger food reduce cooking times a little

    Simple but delicious.

    Our sausage meat is also great for making a stuffing mix for poultry or game birds

    One of our favourites is roasted fennel stuffing mix, we use for our stuffed pork tenderloins.

    Thinly slice a whole fennel bulb, place onto a baking tray with some greaseproof paper as a base (saves a bit of washing up) sprinkle some cracked black pepper, a little salt and lightly drizzle over some olive oil, some garlic too if you like, then roast in the oven untl cooked and slightly charred at the edges.

    In bowl mix the sausage meat with the roasted fennel. You have wonderful stuffing mix, great in a pheasant, or you classic Sunday roast Chicken.