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Wild Venison box


Healthy ~ Lean ~ Sustainable 

We source all our wild game from a variety of landowners near our shops in Peasenhall and Aldeburgh,  eating wild venison is a truly susatinable way to enjoy meat, and is a vital part of land management, protecting our wild habitats. It's also delicious.

We have put together a box which offers a selection of cuts to try, with a couple of easy meal options.

Our wild venison box contains:

~ 6 Award winning sausages
~ 4 Homemade Venison Burgers
~ 2 x 2 170-180g Haunch Steaks
~ 1 x 1kg Rolled Haunch Joint
~ 2 x 450g Venison and Red wine pies
~ 1 x 500g Lean Venison Mince
~ 1 x 500g Diced Venison Casserole meat

Please note: this is a limited edition box and may only be available on certain dates in the year.