Old Cow - Mince Steak Burger


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Grass Fed beef ~ 85% Lean ~ Marbled chuck steak

    This Lincoln Red 'Old Cow' has grazed for its whole life with the Yarn Hill Herd on the meadows and marshes at Iken, next to the River Alde.  The Yarn Hill Herd is certified under the National 'Pasture for Life' accreditation scheme. 

    This mince was one of the best surprises during the 'Old Cow' tastings. Cooked as a ragout or bolognaise, there is an incredible flavour and richness to the mince. So when we used the chuck steak to make the burgers, they were fantastic, we add just a few natural ingredients to make this burger very special.

    The age of the meat at slaughter, and the subsequent eight week hanging process, really does make this burger special.

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