Jerk Chicken Legs


So tasty ~ Fragrant~ Easy to cook

Jerk chicken is a spicy meat dish mostly associated with the West Indies but, particularly with Jamaica. The name Jerk is a way of cooking, where the meat, most often Chicken Legs are marinaded in a rich blend of spices and slow cooked over an open fire or grill. This gives a wonderful smoked flavour. The style of cooking had its origins in Cuba and Latin America, who developed the jerk method and later taught it to African slaves, who in turn adapted it in creating jerk chicken.

Our marinade blend is made up of scotch bonnet chilli, all spice, cloves, nutmeg cinnamon and smoked paprika, it’s got a little kick, but not too much.

Slowly roast your chicken legs in the oven, long low and slow. Then serve with rice and peas, or with a simple buttery mash. So easy and simple for a midweek supper.

One leg weighs 290G approx. One each.


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