Barnsley Lamb Chop


Quick to cook and Delicious ~ Hearty~ Traditional

The exact definition of a Barnsley chop varies from region to region.

I believe they are a hearty 'Double' Lamb Loin Chop. Cut accross the saddle, through the joints.

We source all our lamb from small pasture for life or organic mixed farms along the Heritage coast of East Suffolk, these farms often rear lamb as part of a regenerative system. Therefore making a positive impact on our countryside.

We hang the lamb for a minimum of 7 days. This makes the them tender and full of flavour.

Sear the fat in a pan, with loads of garlic, oregano, roseary and salt, then finish in the oven, best cooked a little pink. Don't forget to rest.

A big 'Barnsley' will be a good portion for one.