Natasha Mann and her herd of Lincoln Red at Iken
Natasha Mann and her herd of Lincoln Red at Iken

Salter and King aims to provide the link between local farmers and our appreciative customers, bringing expertise and natural wonderful meat to East Suffolk.  We offer wonderful, extensively-farmed organic and free-range meat with a focus on seasonality and traditional breeds. After over a decade of trading in Suffolk we’ve built up really strong relationships with local farmers.

High animal welfare standards, extensive free-range or organic farming practices, and varied pasture are all crucial for producing delicious meat.  

Gerard regularly visits our farms to see how the animals are reared and to observe farming practices, so that real trust can be built up between farmer, butcher and customer.

And by using unusual and often long-forgotten cuts in the shop, we hope to offer an enlightened approach to butchery, making the very best of the region’s terrific meat.  

Our promise to you...

  • To sell only the very, very best quality slow-grown meat
  • To source all our meat from free-range, organic or small-scale farmers who really know their stuff and care about their animals
  • To provide outstanding butchery so that meat is hung, cut and prepared with real, expert knowledge
  • To cherish our customers and provide them with exemplary service 
  • To use natural ingredients and natural additives whenever we possibly can