Toulouse Sausage (Gluten Free)


Fresh Herbs ~East Suffolk pork ~ Gluten Free

We love tis sausage, our Toulouse Sausage are handmade at our shop using Free-Range pork, from pigs that have been reared slowly, out doors foraging on the light sandy soils adjacent to the East Suffolk coastline. 

We use a mixture of boneless shoulder, belly  and a little back fat to create a perfect fat, lean blend, and to produce a good course meaty texture, esssential to a proper butcher's sausage.

We then mix in a blend of herbs, spices, some freshly chopped flat leaf parsley and some white wine and garlic, to give you a course and meaty sausage with a delicate flavour from the fragrant herbs. A real classic french sausage, perfect for a cassoulet.

An all meat sausage so naturally Gluten Free too

Try this, a favourite in my house, even the kids eat it!

1 Heat a frying pan with some butter and a little oil untill smoking hot.

2 pop in the toulouse sausages and brown them off, you are not looking to cook them at this stage, just to caramelise them.

3 Set the sausages aside on a plate

4 Fry off some finely chopped, onions, carrots and a crushed garlic clove, some fresh and dried herbs

5 Return sausages to the pan with a tin of butter beans cover with some chicken or veg stock, pop the lid on and cook really gently until the sausages are cooked through. Longer and lower the better.

Simple but so delicious




GLUTEN FREE Rusk (Rice flour)

Spices, Herbs, Majoram, Flat leaf parsley, white wine and garlic

Preservative E221

Antioxidant E301