Good Meat Club: March 2018

Dear friends and customers,

As I write, there is still a dusting of snow over the parkland outside our kitchen window. The cold has been bracing, and I’m looking forward to spring – hopefully it’ll come with gusto when it finally arrives. Especially as I’ve bought a new super-duper hog roaster that we’re planning to fire into action outside the shop this year. 

If you would like to place an order for delivery make sure you shop online or give me a call by Tuesday 27 March. Last date for Easter delivery will be Thursday 29 March,

I hope to see you in Aldeburgh soon, and best wishes for a happy Easter. 


Easter Meat

Wonderful Suffolk lambs

We’re hoping to get new season lamb for those who like it, but Easter is very early this year so there really aren’t many lambs that are ready to eat. We’re trying hard for those who want them – let me know if you fall in this category!

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Hogget and mutton

Our local hogget and mutton is not as ‘spring’ like as new season lamb, but it’s so full of flavour – it’s a great, robust option for an early Easter. 

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Really good chickens

Chestnut Farm Chickens are lovely birds, and make a wonderful feast for Easter. From a small family-run farm near Hingham, these chickens are really special – slowly reared outdoors in masses of space, they’re slaughtered and hand-plucked on the farm which is very unusual these days. The flavour is fantastic with a good firm texture – chicken as it should be. They’re generally quite large and can serve up to 8-10 people. From around £20 a bird. 

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Large Black Traditional-Breed Hog Roast

Come to Aldeburgh on Easter Saturday or Monday – we’ll be roasting one of Robert Simmons’ excellent Large Black hogs outside the shop – baps and stuffing and home-made apple sauce to boot. It’ll be our inaugural outing of the new slow-roasting oven and we hope to bring it out on most Saturdays over the summer. Salads too if we get our act together!

Goat curry anyone?

We’ve got some goat in the shop from a young smallholder, Julius Roberts: see what he’s up to via his fantastic instagram feed. It’s got a great flavour and has sold very well: especially for curries and stews. We’ve got another one coming in this week, so get it before it goes if you’re interested.


I’ve had great fun making terrines over the last few months while it’s been quiet, using our own free-range meat. Our classic chunky Country Pork Terrine seems to have been a real success with customers, so I’ve expanded into Duck & Marmalade (thank you Aldeburgh marmalade-makers!), a traditional meat loaf, and an italian-inspired Veal & Ham terrine. Great for weekend lunches, a whole one can also be made to order if you’re having a few people round - contact us to order >


March 26, 2018 by Gerard King
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