New Season Lamb Box


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Regenerative ~ Free range ~ Tender

Half a free-range lamb, reared on the rich pasture as part of a regenerative farming system. 

New Season Lamb is used to describe lamb that’s in its first spring. Born around October/November so it can be around 4-6months old.

Having spent time eating a rich and varied diet of spring pasture, this really makes a difference to the taste - it is a more delicate flavour than older lamb, such as Hoggett or Mutton, but has a lighter flavour with a more tender texture and really suits the Summer season. Salads, BBQ and cold drinks

Our New Season Lamb box contains:

Weights approx -

1 shoulder boned left flat ready to marinade, we add a sprig of rosemary approx (2kg)~ Middle neck cutlets (300g) ~Sweet breads (250g) ~1 French Trimmed Rack (500g) ~ 6 loin chops (700g)
Lean mince (500g) ~ 1 boneless rump roast (450g)
1/2 Leg to butterflied ready to marinade. (1.5KG inc bone) ~ Diced leg (800g) to kebab.


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