Soay Hogget Box


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Slow grown ~ Free range ~ Delicious

A whole free-range Soay sheep (approx 6.5kg), reared on the rich pasture of the Alde Valley at Great Glemham.

Originally from the Island of Soay in the Scottish St Kilda archipelago. Because of their feral nature and small frames, these sheep take a lot longer to mature, which makes them seriously good to eat. They are lean and tender, with a rich full flavour and a wonderful texture to the meat.

They are little, so a whole one weighs roughly 5-7KG. We don't have many, and unfortunately can't get them regularly, so give them a try

Box contains: (weights approx)

2 shoulders (2.7kg)  ~ 14 tiny cutlets mmmm (French trimmed) ~ 5 Barnsley cut loin chops ~ 2 whole legs (2.7kg)