Sutton Hoo Spatchcock chicken


Truly Free range ~ Great flavour ~ Suffolk reared

Our spatchcock chickens are from Sutton Hoo Chickens where each chicken is reared slowly with constant access to open meadows. They take a little longer to get to size but this extra time really makes a difference to the flavour and texture of the meat.

Our spatchcock Sutton Hoo spatchcock chicken is available in three delicious marinades.

Choose from either plain ( see photo), marinated with olive oil, sea salt, mixed Provençale herbs and garlic, West Indian Jerk seasoning, or Olive oil, lemon, ginger, chilli and garlic.

We have removed the back bone and spatchcocked ready for the open fire, BBQ or if it's raining the oven!

Customers in the shop often worry about cooking chicken on the BBQ, if you are, my tip would be to eithrt slow cook in an oven and then finish on the BBQ, or cook gently on the BBQ, with the bone side down first, for a good while, to get some heat into the bones. Then flip over and crisp up the skin

Each spatchcock chicken typically weighs 2kg and would feed 4-6 people.