Tomahawk Steak - Ribeye On The Bone


Grass-Fed ~ Marbling ~ Heritage Breed

Our pasture fed Tomahawk Steak, ribeye on the bone - We cut our Tomahawk steak with slightly less bone, giving you more prime beef steak for your money. 

Our Tomahawk steak (or Cowboy steak as some of our customers refer to it) is from traditional breed beef, that is grass fed on lush East Suffolk pasture.  We the dry age the ribs for a minimum of 4-5 weeks. We then remove the back cap from the rib to provide a spectacular steak to be shared between 2 or 3 people.  Perfect for grilling outside.

  1. I suggest seasoning your Tomahawk steak simply with some flakes of sea salt, Maldon Sea salt would be my preference, perhaps a little pepper, if you like.  
  2. Then grill on a really hot BBQ, without too many flames. 
  3. Be patient and wait until the charcoal has lost the flame but are glowing hot. 
  4. Turn the Tomahawk steak, but not too much, you are hoping for a really crispy, crunchy, salty exterior, but soft and pink in the centre.
  5. Then move your Tomahawk steak to a less hot part of the grill and gently cook until the internal temperaure is around 55-60 degrees. (Medium), this can take a little longer than you think, to get some heat into the bone.
  6. Tomahawk steaks once cooked NEED to be rested on a wooden board, a little greaseproof paper and a tea towel over, this will relax the meat that has contracted during cooking and retain the wonderful juices.

Slice into slithers and serve with a good chimichurri. Delicious!