What is Hogget?


Hogget: a lovely traditional word, a lovely traditional meat, ‘hogget’ is used to describe lamb that’s had two springs and summers (ie, it’s over a year old) on grass. 

As well as specialising in mutton, we love to recommend Hogget. Hogget is a really wonderful meat (with a wonderful name!) and comes from older lambs who are slaughtered between one and two years old. Traditionally, most ‘lamb’ enjoyed in this country has actually been ‘hogget’ – it’s only comparatively recently that we’ve started eating such young animals, known these days as ‘spring lamb’. And while spring lamb is often very tender, hogget usually has the upper hand when it comes to flavour: an extra six months grazing on luscious spring and autumn pasture really makes a difference to the taste. It’s  deliciously rich but not overpowering.

Our hogget usually comes from White House Farm in Great Glemham and we hang it for around two weeks before it’s ready to sell. It can be cooked either hot and fast, like lamb, or low and slow like mutton (in between and it can get a bit chewy.). View our range of hogget products available to buy online >

A boned and rolled shoulder will feed approximately 6; 2 cutlets or loin chops per person. For recipe inspiration, visit BBC Food.

September 28, 2017 by Gerard King
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